Mike Wittet - U.S.A

Hunting in Turkey was a great pleasure and privilege for me. Safaritours are very professional from the meet and greet at the Istanbul airport to the final farewell at the same airport after the hunt. It is not always possible to have a trophy success in a single hunting trip (all serious hunters understand this) and I was lucky to go three times to different areas before harvesting my Bezoar Ibex.

I was fortunate to meet wonderful people on each trip, from the Istanbul guides, to the actual hunt guides, professional hunters and the various accommodation hosts all were very competent and friendly, and rendered my hunt a wonderful experience. My trophy was carefully packed, sent to my taxidermist in South Africa and I now have a fine full mount in my trophy room. " (Beware! It is a bit of a stinker and your taxidermist needs to work on the Ibex smell!).